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Co-Chairs Bev Buckingham and Heather Stordy

Co-chairs Heather Stordy and Bev Bucking

Welcome to the 25th Annual Greater Moncton DNA Swag Ladies Hoop Classic.

It is our pleasure to be a part of something special within our community…an annual tournament fixed with tradition for the local varsity high schools. In celebrating female in sport, we strive to extend that enthusiasm to our Moncton and Riverview areas giving you all a fun and entertaining experience.  With the help of many volunteers and sponsorships, we aim to provide more than just a ‘run of the mill’ kind of tournament.  There are many perks secured for the fans but most importantly for the players who are involved.  The local players as well as returning players always have wonderful compliments and look so forward to what our tournament offers.

Thank you to ALL our tournament sponsors. Without their generous support, this kind of tournament would not be possible.  We want to extend a special thank you to our Title Sponsor, “DNA SWAG”. They have been fabulous to work with and we are extremely appreciative of their outstanding support. It truly takes an army to pull off a tournament of this stature.

The committee is pleased to recognize our Honorary Chairperson, Anne-Marie Picone.  Thank you Anne Marie for all your volunteer efforts in supporting the Hoop, female basketball in general and many other community initiatives in the Greater Moncton area over the past several years. 

Heather MacIntyre will be our Guest Speaker at the Player Banquet.  As a previous university basketball player, and now a Moncton Hawks basketball coach, she brings a perspective to the players not only as a parent, player and coach but also her knowledge as a previous high school guidance counsellor and now a high school vice principal at Riverview High School.  We look forward to hearing her message.  

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our visiting teams and thank them for coming...Horton, Charlottetown Rural, Lockview, and Mathieu Martin.  Twenty-four tournaments ago, the first female varsity tournament began with four teams…Mathieu Martin, Riverview, Harrison Trimble, and a team from Maine.  We’re going back to our roots this year and welcoming Mathieu Martin to the Ladies Hoop as one of the visiting teams.

Thank you for supporting our committee, the officials, scorekeepers, fellow patrons, our players and their coaches! Thank you for cheering the girls on through win or loss and we hope you enjoy the tournament as much as we have enjoyed planning it for you! 

Good luck to all teams!

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